Introducing Intelligent Medication Management

ProMed is tackling a $500 BILLION healthcare issue by rethinking the Blister Pack.

We took the traditional blister pack and integrated printed sensors for a cloud-connected blister pill pack.  The outcome is medication intelligence.  The result is vastly improved patient outcomes.

The Problem

Medication Non-Aherence is a $500B drain on the US healthcare system annually.

Patients forget to take prescribed meds

No functional ecosystem to monitor and help

Poor outcomes… hospital readmits, abuse, increase morbidity & mortality

Did you know?

1 in 5

new prescriptions go unfullfilled


of people taking a chronic medication stop taking it in the first year


Americans die annually due to poor medication adherence


of patients do not take their medications as prescribed

$100 billion

per year in hospital admissions from poor medication adherence

Rethinking the Blister Pack

Innovative Technology

Patented technology (four patents) integrates printed sensors into traditional blister pack packaging for intelligent monitoring. HIPPA compliant adherence data is transmitted via cellular in real time.

Secured Data

Cloud-based records scorecard patient interaction with their medicines.

Personalized Alerts

Patient is reminded of a missed dose and receives confirmation for taking their dose on time.  Patient ecosystem (provider, family, healthcare system) is simultaneously alerted.

Why ProMed?

Improve patient outcomes
Validate experimental drug testing
Improve medication adherence from 50% to over 80%
Reduce 30-Day hospital re-admissions by up to 60%
Track medication samples
Manage opioid delivery